Aquarius Money Horoscope

Aquarius Money Horoscope

Aquarius natives were born between January 21st and February 18th. According to the Aquarius money horoscope for 2020, the year will present mixed circumstances to the natives. They will experience either happiness or challenges.

Best Days For Aquarius’ Finances

Saturn and Jupiter will have an alliance in the Capricorn sign. Additionally, Mercury will be in the 12th house from January 31st. As per the Aquarius financial horoscope predictions for 2020, this combination will bring forth tricky situations. On one hand, their lives may be filled with incredible adventures. On the other hand, they may encounter challenges.

Aquarius natives will witness slow progress on the financial front. They may not grow career-wise or the growth will not be in accordance with their expectations. As such, the Aquarius horoscope recommends that the individuals should:

  • evaluate their expenditure and do away with unnecessary expenditures;
  • plan their budget;
  • utilize their savings appropriately to make sure that everything is in accordance with the plans they had.

The astrology and finance predictions also advise the natives not to take up risks particularly at the beginning of the year. As such, it is prudent for the natives to keep away from trading online or exposing themselves to risks.

It is important for Aquarius natives to note that all is not gloomy. Venus will transit into their sign from January 9th to February 12th. Because of this transition, the natives will be in a position to plan their money effectively balancing out what they spend with what they have. 

Furthermore, these unfavorable circumstances will come to an end on March 21st when Saturn will enter Aquarius. This may signal the culmination of the uncomfortable conditions that the natives will face during the first quarter of the year.

From April 4th, Venus will enter the Gemini sign in addition to the fifth house which is directly linked to finances and career progression. Venus’ location and movement will translate to profitability. The natives will also notice an increase in the robustness of their occupational positions which will cause an improved inflow of income.

The culmination of Mars’ retrogression will result in the lessening of financial woes. As such the horoscope recommends that the natives should not let the negative emotions that arise during this period ruin their mood. They should be cognizant of the fact that by the year’s end, everything will be better.

Invest In Markets Carefully

From May, Saturn will turn retrograde giving rise to hurdles. The retrogression will run until September 29th. Coincidentally, Mars will shift to backward movement between September 10th and November 14th. In this regard, the Aquarius money horoscope for 2020 advises the natives to keep away from decisions that have hard-hitting consequences, particularly as regards their cash and occupations.

According to the Aquarius money horoscope, 2020 will be particularly challenging although to some natives, it will be adventurous. As such, individuals should avoid taking up risks. They should also take care of their investments by avoiding making decisions that regard their finances and occupations.

Conclusion On Aquarius Money Horoscope

2020 will be a mixed year for Aquarius natives. For some, they will experience incredible adventures while for others, they will go through challenges. In some months, they will witness financial breakthrough but in most of them, they will have to navigate through hurdles by planning ahead and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. The end of the year will, however, be favourable. They should wait until then to make important decisions.

The year will present both challenges and incredible adventures to the natives. The former will result from Mars’, Mercury’s, and Saturn’s positions. Venus will provide a silver lining by ensuring that the natives experience growth in their career and finances between January and February. However, for the most part of 2020, the natives will face hurdles but they should find hope in the fact that the year will end on a high note.

January 9th to February 12th as a result of Venus’ transition into Aquarius; April 4th to May 11th when Saturn will turn retrograde, and later after November 14th when Mars’ retrogression will come to an end. They will make money from mid-November and this fact should give them hope in the midst of the challenges that they will face.

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