Top 3 Best Trading Books for 2020

Day Trading Books 2020

Study Trading Books And Gain Profits

As a trader, it is crucial that you first carry out in-depth research and understand the market prior to trading. You can gather this information online or by reading books by successful traders and investors on the approach they used in pursuit of earnings and wealth. In this regard, we highlight the three best trading books for 2020 by reviewing them and giving insight into the reasons we picked them. We shall categorize them based on the subjects they tackle. This implies that we will discuss the three best day trading books, the three best books on investing, the best options trading books, and the best trading psychology books.

The Best Day Trading Books

Day trading is very popular among all traders, both beginners and professionals. It consists of different strategies, from scalping to swing trading. They have many pluses and minuses, but first, you have to understand, how do they work. Thus, the following three books are a must in 2020.

Forex Price Action Scalping By Bob Volman

Scalping is mostly used in day trading. It involves making profits from small variations in prices. As such, for traders to make considerable returns, they should make numerous trades per day. In his book, Bob tackles scalping strategies that intraday traders can use that are bound to help them become successful. Some of them include money management, how day-trading charts are set up, managing trades, and trade entries. Bob mainly focuses on the price aspect of scalping in addition to the technical analysis that should accompany trades.

Notably, the author does not recommend a rigid repetitive system that traders should use. Instead, Bob is cognizant of the fact that every individual should judge the situation for themselves before making every trade. However, although he does not give a rigid formula, the author intricately discusses the setups for every trade. For this reason, by thoroughly reading the book a beginner can be turned into a real trader. The prerequisites are that such a person should have the desired amount of self-control and bravery. Bob is bound to turn any individual into a professional.

How To Day Trade For A Living By Andrew Aziz

Andrew Aziz calls it a beginner’s guide. Reading through the book, the reader is ushered into the intricate world of trading. Aziz goes to great lengths to help beginners and other traders. He recommends tools for success which include a chart room and simulator where Aziz takes readers longing for additional information through lessons.

Nonetheless, the book is easy to read and simple to understand. It elaborately details what a trader needs as the foundation for day-trading. The books also highlights the importance of risk management and the need to control emotions when trading.  

Aziz’s book appeals to people looking for the flexibility that accompanies day-trading. The author, however, acknowledges that luck has a hand in bringing about success. This is also advice in the form of a warning to anyone intending to day-trade.

Mastering The Trade By John Carter

John Carter talks about the strategies that traders should use in order to profit from swing and intraday trading. The author uses detailed examples from different financial markets to show how traders are performed and the indicators that the trader should look at. However, the only downside is that John does not provide reasons that informed the choice of his indicators.

Additionally, he only provides minimal losing examples with a majority being those in which the trades experienced wins. All in all, the style is in line with the intention of the book. John intended to show proven strategies that traders can use. By including these examples, he achieved exactly that.

The book provides an array of choices and it is up to the reader to choose the approach that suits them. Additionally, it provides 40 tips on the right mindset that a trader should have. It is generally well written and John displays his expertise in every section of the book. The many tips are crucial for beginners given that they have been proven to work. It is suitable for traders and investors alike.

Pros Of The Books

  1. By reading these books, you can easily become a good trader or win money in the form of profits.
  2. The books are easy to read and understand since everything has been expertly written targeting different categories of traders from beginners to experts.
  3. The authors provide proven tools that are bound to help investors to invest their cash and earn returns.

Cons Of The Books

  1. Some books only provide winning examples. They do not have a balance with regards to instances where the trader can lose their finances.

Conclusion On Best Trading Books 2020

The three books are the best when it comes to day trading. They contain advice that is crucial for every trader. They highlight information that is useful for both seasoned traders and investors in addition to beginners. Investing and trading using the strategies highlighted in the books is likely to yield success and returns.

Forex Price Action Scalping. The book not only addresses the price aspect of trading but also the technical and psychological aspects, albeit minimally. The author also acknowledges the need for traders to make judgements on their own. As such, he does not provide a rigid trading route or system. This independence is bound to make traders have confidence in themselves instead of relying on tactics used by others.

 How to Day Trade for a Living by Andrew Aziz. The author went an extra mile to recommend tools for success. Such tools include a chatroom where beginners can consult him to gain further insight into what they read in the book.

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