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Difference between a trader and an investor

Trader or investor In some cases, a trader acts as an investor. Also, sometimes, an investor acts as a trader. Notably, most traders are investors. The inverse is not true since not every investor is a trader. The underlying confusion necessitates the understanding of whom a trader and an investor are and what the differences…
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Investing vs Investopedia

Exclusive Money Analyse MakeMoneyOnline-Now made for you exclusive analysis about Different or difference - Investing vs. Investopedia. Enjoy reading and draw your own conclusions. Ask your questions and write in the comments what you think about Overview is a platform that provides a variety of services in 44 languages. These services include news…
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Cash Flow Facts

Merits and Demerits of Cash Flow We described Cash Flow Facts as the merits and demerits of cash flow discussing the cash flow statements as a whole. The merits are as follows: Cash Flow aids in capital planning, which is concerned with the decisions made with regard to capital expenses.The cash flow statement designates a…
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Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis in the Financial Markets We advise an investor seeking to invest in stock, cryptocurrency, or forex to train themselves how to read and understand the various types of charts. Forex or stock charts are one of the several tools that the online brokers provide on their mobile or web-based platforms. As such, prior…
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Analysis Meaning

What is an analysis? The analysis (Analysis Meaning) relates to the thorough and comprehensive investigation of every component that makes up something. Therefore, there are several categories of such a process. So, they are summarised in the table below. Types of Analysis Market Analysis — this refers to the investigative process that provides insight into…
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Free Cash Flow Meaning

What is Free Cash Flow? It is indicative of a company’s profitability (FCF). It refers to the difference between the operating cash flow and capital expenses. So, capital expenditures refer to the cash used for the maintenance of assets. Such as: equipment used in the production process;property, production facility. As such, a firm uses its…
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Cash Flow Definition

What is the cash flow? Financial experts are giving the cash flow (CF) definition as any cash or securities. Certainly, such as : Treasury bills;Commercial paper;Bank certificates. They regarding Bank certificates of deposits collectively as cash equivalent that is transaction or shift into and out of a firm. Above all, investors look at a company’s…
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How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Four processes are antecedent to the addition of a block into the digital ledger known as the Blockchain Technology. Firstly, a user must perform an operation. In the case of Bitcoins, the user might choose to either sell or buy a coin. Notably, such individual must have a blockchain wallet which grants admittance to the…
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