January 31, 2023

Ever heard the leadership maxim that a leader is incapable of doing it all on his own? It should be quite obvious that this is a key attribute of a leader. We often over-applaud leaders for their achievements, but we also blame or hold them responsible for not being able to bring about the desired results. There is no single answer. Leaders are aware of this fact and work to improve listening skills and teamwork. Each adviser brings their own perspectives, knowledge, wisdom, experience, expertise and knowledge to the table. One Japanese proverb says, “None is as smart or as many as us.”

1. Many people who get promoted to leadership roles end up hiding from the real issues. They hide from them and surround themselves with “yes guys” that only agree with their leader and tell him what he is right. Very rarely do they bring any additional value to the discussion. However, the effective leader realizes that his inner circle should include individuals from a range of perspectives and points. If you want to grow, you must follow a leader that can make impact on community¬† just like Dr George Freundlich.

2. Many people have heard the old saying, “There is strength in unity or numbers.” These statements can be taken in many different ways. However, a wise leader will realize that no one individual is an expert and has no way of knowing everything. The key components of any professionally designed leadership training program include being open-minded, and having diverse advisers to support him. Furthermore, the most successful and influential leaders in our society strive to learn more and have the ability to listen to all his stakeholders.

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