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Scrolling down the homepage clearly shows well-demarcated sections each of which has a title. This gives the site an organized look. Clicking on the individual title will take the visitor to the specific section. This makes for cluttered. 

Homepage. Having been founded in 2007, avails trading information from 250 exchanges in 44 languages. It has a monthly viewership of over 1 billion visitors, attesting to the fact that it is considered reliable. The high viewership can also be attributed to its provision of free information. A user can access all the data for free with some sections requiring free registration.

The site provides analyses for different markets including crypto, bond, commodity, forex, and stock markets. In total, it covers over 300,000 financial instruments. Its developers promote convenience by ensuring that it is available as a web-based platform and also as an application on smartphones that support either iOS or Android. 

Besides analysis, the site also contains news items that help traders make informed investment decisions. either authors these news updates on its own or uses articles published by renowned media outlets such as Reuters.

Site Advantages

  1. is free;
  2. It is a well-organized platform with well-labelled sections thereby easing access by visitors;
  3. It is available on both web-based platforms and mobile applications;
  4. It includes information written in different languages;
  5. It is reliable since it provides users with real-time updates regarding different financial instruments;
  6. It has a search function to ease access to the site.

Disadvantages of

  1. It provides a lot of information that may be confusing to a rookie trader or investor.
  2. Given that it deals with many markets, it might prove pointless and complex to investors and investors, just looking for info regarding one single market.
  3. A pop-up needing registration pops up whenever the visitor intends to access a new webpage, thus developing a nuisance.

Review of 

The importance of in the financial world cannot be understated since some of its former employees went on to form MarketWatch, a platform similar to Bloomberg. The home page automatically detects the region from which the visitor is from and consequently avails news on that particular region. Additionally, it has a drop-down menu that allows the visitor to choose the region from which he or she wants to read news items. 

The highlighted regions include Europe, the USA, Asia, and the Middle East. The home page mainly contains links to new updates although it features a scrolling bar that shows the performance of important stock markets such as NIKKEI, S&P 500, and FTSE. The bar also contains some commodity prices and the exchange rate of the dollar/yen currency pair.

If the visitor intends to view particular financial instruments, he or she must click on the link at the top of the homepage. This takes them to the commodities, bonds, currencies, or stock markets pages. These market pages are then segmented further in an organized fashion. For instance, the commodities page contains an ‘overview’, ‘energy’, ‘metals’, and ‘agriculture’ tabs. The first lists the general information from the various commodities but if the visitor wants a specialized sub-section, the other additional tabs enable this. 

At a glance, Bloomberg is an extremely well-designed web-based platform that contains a vast pool of information. For any new visitor, some of these sections may be hard to find given that they are hidden within drop-down menus. Nonetheless, upon understanding how the site is structured, browsing becomes easier. The articles are detailed although access to them is limited to a specific number after which the visitor is supposed to subscribe at a fee.

Advantages of Bloomberg

  1. The website is well-organized and contains a large pool of information helpful for investing and trading purposes;
  2. It provides free access to certain sections such as the markets;
  3. It summarizes financial markets information in a structured and simple manner, thereby making it easy for the visitor to capture the information easily;
  4. Its news articles are up-to-date;
  5. It has a search function to ease browsing and access to specific articles and data.

Disadvantages of Bloomberg

  1. It limits the viewership of important articles by having a paywall;
  2. It may be hard for a new visitor who is yet to understand the various features within the site to access certain sections since they are hidden behind drop-down menus.

Financial Source Conclusion: Investing or Bloomberg 

Each of the websites highlighted above has its pros and cons. Differences exist between them, but they provide reliable information to the readers. For a trader on a budget, would be preferred. Nonetheless, for lengthy and well-written news updates, Bloomberg triumphs over All-round, Bloomberg is a better-designed website than is the best financial news source. Its homepage contains a list of news articles from different financial markets. Further, by clicking on a specific market, such as commodities, stock market, or bonds, the site avails additional articles on those specific themes. As such, the visitor can corroborate the information contained in the articles with the numbers listed on the various charts. This is unlike which contains a news section that is separate from the financial markets’ charts.

This depends on whether a trader has a budget. Investing is a free platform while Bloomberg limits some of its features behind a paywall. Nonetheless, the fact that the website automatically detects the region from which the visitor is, and consequently avails news updates concerning that region makes it a more personal finance website.

Yes, its offices are located in different countries. Additionally, the information listed on its financial charts is up-to-date. The news updates from both in-house journalists and other renowned media outlets are regular and up-to-date. These factors make it a reliable source of financial information for both traders and investors.

loomberg is a large media house employing about 2,300 individuals from different regions. It was formerly Bloomberg Business News but was renamed to Bloomberg News in 1997. As such, it provides additional news other than business news items. Also, the information on its charts is up-to-date. These factors make it a reliable source of a variety of information. The only disadvantage is the fact that it limits some of its articles behind a paywall.

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