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MakeMoneyOnline-Now made for you exclusive analysis about Different or difference – Investing vs. Investopedia. Enjoy reading and draw your own conclusions. Ask your questions and write in the comments what you think about it. Overview is a platform that provides a variety of services in 44 languages. These services include news primarily regarding the financial markets, although it also contains links to other news stories by renowned news outlets such as Reuters and Real Vision. The platform which is available as a website and an application on both Android and iOS also offers financial analysis, charts, real-time data about various companies in the stock and financial markets, among others. Given that it primarily focuses on the financial markets, it avails data regarding stocks, currencies (forex), bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices charts.

In order for investors to access most of the features that the offers, they should create a free account. However, in most instances, a visitor cannot browse seamlessly on the website platform since a pop-up requiring that he/she creates an account on the site shows up upon visiting every webpage. Nonetheless, the site is well-designed in that every service is contained in its individual tab. This implies that the site is really organized, and even a trader or investor with minimal Money Online (link to home page) knowledge can understand what the site is about.

Pros And Cons of

  1. It is a well-designed platform with well-labeled tabs and sub-tabs for easy access.
  2. It is available on multiple channels, namely the website and mobile applications.
  3. It includes a variety of data in different languages.
  4. It provides real-time updates to the data on the financial markets. As such, it is reliable.
  5. It is free.
  1. A pop-up requiring registration pops up whenever the visitor intends to access a new webpage, thereby creating annoyance.
  2. Given that it deals with many markets, it may prove irrelevant and confusing to traders and investors, only looking for information about one single market. Overview is a platform that provides financial education targeting beginners and professionals intending to improve their skills and knowledge. It, therefore, provides information about financial concepts, thereby simplifying complex data for easier understanding by the readers. Besides simplifying information, also comprises news articles about companies, financial trends, and markets.

For instance, the market news section includes an analysis of multiple charts. The platform, therefore, interprets information for its audience. Additionally, reviews the various brokers and trading platforms and ranks them based on their reliability and services. The ranking is according to categories that ensure the inclusivity of the readers regardless of their level of knowledge.

Pros And Cons of

  1. It advises its readers by simplifying information from various sources.
  2. It provides the advantages and disadvantages of different investment trading options such as mutual funds, bonds, futures, and ETFs. It is, therefore, crucial while investing as it safeguards against money loss.
  3. It contains a dictionary section that explains the business and financial concepts.
  4. It is reliable with regards to the accuracy of the descriptions and examples it gives.
  5. It is a well-designed platform.
  1. The descriptions contain a lot of information that may not be necessary to the reader or which hinders the reader from finding the meaning of the word/concept they are looking for easily.
  2. It is only available as a website-based platform.

Most Asked Questions


Although contains information about the stock market, it only contains data on popular companies such as Apple, Netflix, AMD, Facebook, Amazon, and Tesla. is broader in the sense that a trader or investor can access information about companies in other countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Hungary, France, and German. As such, the availability of international data and accompanying charts makes a better stock website than contains a news section. However, the updates are often few and far between. For instance, as of 14th January 2020, the latest article on its trading news tab was updated in November 2019. Similarly, the latest market news article was authored on 13th January. A look at shows a considerable difference.

This is based on the fact that as at the writing of this article, there were news items that were less than 10 minutes old. To ensure that its news items are up-to-date, picks articles from other reliable outlets such as Bloomberg (on forex) and Reuters (on commodity news), among others. It is, therefore, a one-stop-shop that ensures reliability and convenience.

So, thats

Thats Investing too. only contains charts and analysis on the stocks of six American companies. As such, it cannot be relied upon by an investor located in Europe or Asia who intends to buy stock in countries there., however, is more reliable as it contains charts and indices from various countries and stock markets. It is, therefore, a better option.

Investing vs Investopedia Conclusion

Overall, is better than for a trader and investor since it provides the most vitall information regarding the financial markets. The latter primarily provides descriptions. Nonetheless, it also contains news articles, but they are rarely up-to-date when compared to news articles found on

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