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Money Online Life Hacks Introduction

One needs to make money online now in order to spend it. On the other hand, spending requires discipline in order for the individual to remain within budget and not go into unnecessary debt. For this reason, this article focuses on providing financial life hacks that will make all the above possible.

Best Money Life Hacks Included:

1. Saving Money Life Hack

Making money online first requires one to have the requisite capital no matter the amount. In this regard, getting to the target that you have in mind could be through going to the bank and taking a loan. However, this could be disastrous in the end since the loan should be repaid.

As such, one of the ways to avoid getting into debt but ultimately meet your goals lies in:

  • Saving a certain percentage of your income.
  • Alternatively, you can reduce your expenditure by doing away with unnecessary spending. You will then save the surplus amount. You can do this by cooking at home instead of eating out or staying at home over the weekends instead of going out on an adventure or to the mall. Also, you can shop whenever there are discounted offers.
  • Pay using cash. This is important since it will give you the actual feeling of spending money instead of using credit or debit cards which are virtual/abstract forms of payments. They could lead to unnecessary spending. The experience is different with cash since you always know when it is about to run out and you will, therefore, stop overspending.

Of course, the above strategies are easier said than done. Therefore, the most important money lifehack when it comes to saving is discipline. Upon saving the desired amount, you can proceed to the following life hacks.

2. Making Money Online Life Hack

There are many ways to make money online. These life hack ways include:

  • Some of those avenues tap into your interests such as writing (when it comes to blogging and submitting articles). Websites that pay after your article has been accepted include iWriter, Uxbooth, Fundsforwriters, and Listverse, among others.
  • Alternatively, you could subscribe to a website such as Usertesting where you could get paid to test the usability of a new website. In such a case, your insight will help the developer ascertain whether the assumptions he or she made about the user experience are true. You stand to earn $10 for every test which lasts about 20 minutes on average.
  • You could get into advertising. Google has Google Adsense which enables advertisers to make and track ads. In advertising, however, the amount of money you will make will be dependent on the number of views your ad will get.
  • Making videos. There is always an audience on YouTube provided you have a niche area and capture your viewers’ attention with consistent uploads. For instance, in 2019, an 8-year old YouTuber made $22 million from reviewing toys. The existence of numerous YouTube channels, some of which have creative and borderline crazy content, make the platform a funny money life hack.  

Life Hacking Trends

People have increasingly become knowledgeable about the legitimacy of online money-making platforms. As such, they have subscribed to such websites and are making a killing by doing what they love. Making money online is a primary way of supplementing your income and could go a long way in helping you realize your dream once you invest the money you have saved.  YouTube is by far the latest online money-making craze owing to the fact that anyone can create a channel and content. It is worth noting that in order to earn a substantial amount of money from YouTube, your videos should have a large viewership consistently.

Additionally, the flexibility of YouTube makes it attractive since you can have a channel that live streams content or even an educational platform. Due to these factors, I consider YouTube as one of the easiest ways of making money online.

Money Life Hacks Conclusion

You are unlikely to make thousands of dollars or even millions from your first online money-making gig. Nonetheless, consistency is key. Delivering quality content for clients will ensure that you are on a retainer and this will subsequently build your portfolio. As a result, you will get even more clients and earn more money.

This also applies to content creation platforms such as YouTube and blogging sites such as The Penny Hoarder and WordPress. The higher the viewership, the higher the returns. However, this is predicated on quality content. As such, I emphasize on the quality of work, consistency, and discipline as the primary finance or money life hacks.

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