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People play games because of all kinds of reasons and desires. Did you know that you can play games and make money while at it? In the process, you will get the same thrill associated with playing any other computer game. The only catch is that your bank account will grow bigger since the trading games teach you how to trade. The knowledge is subsequently crucial for a transition from the fun virtual world to the real trading world. Some games even involve winning cash prizes.

Developers are tapping into this growing market by helping gamers trade virtual or real money in addition to competing with other traders. Examples of such trading games include Forex Hero, Wall Street Survivor, Howthemarketworks, and Invstr. These applications are available online for free on platforms such as Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play Store.

Top Games

There are two categories of trading games, namely virtual money trading games and real cash economy games. The underlying similarity is that both types teach traders about the winning strategies. Additionally, the applications work by simulating the cryptocurrency, forex, and stock markets.

Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is based on the stock market. Upon creating an account, the player automatically gets $100,000 in virtual currency. It also offers free courses that help. In this regard, the player uses the virtual cash to practice what is contained in the lessons. The application has features that enable traders to create competitions where they invite their friends or people taking a similar course. This puts their skills to test. Upon winning the contests, the traders are awarded real cash prices and books about the financial market.

The Trading Game

The Trading Game is versatile in that it simulates the stock, forex, and bitcoin markets. It also contains free lessons on how to trade each of the instruments effectively. The Trading Game is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

According to the developers, the game teaches players how to master the art of investing challenging them to be the next George Soros or Warren Buffett. It helps the players understand how to read trading charts, the principles behind price fluctuations, and where a trader is likely to earn hefty profits. Besides these features, the app enables players to compete with one another.


This is a free market game that helps players practice how to trade stock, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It also contains lessons in the form of videos and tutorials and a contest feature that allows players to compete against each other. By creating a profile, the player automatically gets $100,000 in virtual currency.


Invstr is both a game and a trading application. The application, which is available for free on both Android and iOS, contains a Fantasy Finance game that enables players to play and learn. In the process, they grow a virtual portfolio of money. The app also includes lessons. It includes a Fantasy League where leaders stand a chance of making money by winning monthly cash prizes. When the player has grown in confidence, the app allows such a trader to use real money. By investing as low as $1, the app enables the trader to own shares in their company of choice. In this way, it is not limiting.

Pros of Virtual Games

  1. They contain lessons that teach the player trading principles and theories that govern price movements.
  2. They help the player practice without using real money. As such, they cushion against losses.
  3. They enable players to interact with other eager and budding investors. The community formed may prove helpful since the players may become friends and invest together in the future.

Cons of Virtual Games

  1. Because they mainly deal with virtual money, the player may be tempted to venture into the real trading would after experiencing a winning streak. This may be disastrous since the trader may end up losing real money because of not fully understanding the markets.
  2. They are virtual games and may, therefore, portray an unrealistic picture of the real trading world.

Monetize All Of Your Activity

Trading games are one of the easiest ways of making real money. They include competitions where players compete and the best individual wins real cash prices. They also teach new investors the basic principles governing trading and investing. They motivate gamers to venture into the financial markets by picking their interests instead of just playing games for fun. All in all, anyone can play games and make money by trading.

Yes. Examples include The Trading Game and Forex Hero. These forex trading games mainly teach players how to master the art of forex trading. They also help in forex trading practice.

These are applications that simulate the forex market enabling the players to implement trades using virtual currency. In so doing, they learn the important principles that buttress the earning of hefty returns which they could then use in real-life forex trading. The games often use real-time data from the foreign exchange market.

Wall Street Survivor, Howthemarketworks, and Invstr are the most popular games about trading. The selection of these three games is based on the fact that players can earn cash prizes by winning competitions.

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