Taurus Money Horoscope

Taurus Finances

Taurus natives were born between April 21 and May 21. The Taurus money horoscope predictions for 2020 reveal that these individuals will experience financial success throughout the year. They will be in a robust position. However, regardless of these projections, it is advisable that the natives seek advice and think carefully before making important investment decisions.

General Financial Predictions

The year began with Mercury in the 7th house. This position signified great opportunities for the natives. The end of January saw a shift in planetary movement with Saturn coming into the picture. For salaried employees, the new position meant that their salaries would increase while for those with businesses, they would earn greater profits. This growth is also attributed to the impact of Ketu.

March 10th will see a culmination of Mercury’s retrogression. As a result, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury will be in direct planetary motion. This signifies that Taurus will receive positive conditions regarding cash. They will be in a good situation financially.

However, in May, both Saturn and Jupiter will become retrograde. At this time, things will become messy since Taurus natives will be presented with tough financial decisions. They may face delays when it comes to receiving payments they were expecting. They may also face difficulty in getting money they had loaned to friends and relatives. As such, Taurus natives should not lend or borrow money from anyone with whom they are in close association.

The retrogression will last until September. It is only after September that these tough circumstances will change. They will experience relief. It is at such a time that they will make fast money. Luck will accompany them. The Taurus money horoscope suggests that the natives will come across new wealth-generating activities such as trading in novel financial instruments that they did not know previously. Their income will grow exponentially.

Lucky Months For Taurus

The lucky months for Taurus natives are January, the second half of March until the first half of May. The luck will then continue following the end of the retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter on September 29th. The additional lucky months, therefore, are October, November, and December.

Taurus Should Avoid Risky Decisions

Given that the retrogression will last between May and September, Taurus natives should refrain from making important financial decisions during this period. They should also not lend or borrow money from their relatives or friends. Instead, they should save up and use it to make even more money online or by trading through brokers with physical offices, particularly towards the end of the year.

Conclusion For Taurus Money Horoscope

The financial situation of Taurus natives will be impacted by the planetary movement of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. They should take note of dates when these planets will be in retrogression and refrain from making financial decisions during such times. Instead, they should save up and wait for their lucky months where they stand the chance of making fast money.

They can make money by not giving out loans since they will encounter problems getting it back. Instead, they should save and invest in their businesses since the movement of Mercury signifies that they will earn high returns. They can also invest particularly during their lucky months.

The year will be fruitful for Taurus natives. They will experience financial success. For instance, for the employed, their salaries will be increased. For individuals with businesses, they will witness improved profits.

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