January 31, 2023

In the last fifteen years, web design has advanced a lot. Web design has evolved from a simple black-and-white drawing on a computer screen to an intricate art form. An entire industry is dedicated to it. It’s impossible to search the Internet for web page hosts or tools and not be directed to an almost endless supply of web development studios. Ecommerce is an integral part of modern business marketing.

You can track the creation of these custom web development studios directly with the evolution of the Internet. It has gone from an archaic style offered in Mosaic to what is now a competitive market place for browsers and basic layout designs. It has evolved from a personal level, to one dominated primarily by the corporate world. This shift in priority has brought about a new era in complexity on the World Wide Web.

HTML was the first step in web development. It was originally created for sharing scientific documents online. It was originally created for this purpose, but its flexibility to be rewritten and changed easily has made HTML a staple in the ever-evolving industry of Internet design. This has resulted in a constant change in the requirements and capabilities for this coding. It is now XHTML 1.0 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standard for website development.

There was and is an alternative for those with no previous experience in basic or complex coding required to create a functional web page. This alternative is Tableless CSS. It uses CSS to create a webpage instead of HTML tables and coding. It’s better suited for people who work in a web development studio than someone creating a simple page. Although this method is widely criticised for being inefficient, it is still used frequently today.

The final stage in evolution was the creation of hosting tools that made it easy to set up and manage a website via the program provided by the site. Geocities was a great example of this. Everything you needed was available. Instead of having to code yourself, you could create a page and then convert it to HTML. This would allow you only to use the basic functions. For those who are proficient in HTML, an advanced version is available.

It’s clear that the Internet has changed dramatically since its inception in the early 1990s. It is only in the evolution and growth of web development that you can see the impact that these changes have had. There is a demand for custom web development services and studios, which has accelerated that growth. It is evident that this technology will forever change the way we communicate, interact and live.


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