January 31, 2023

If you don’t have the ability to make quick decisions and be ready, willing, or able to make them, leadership should not even be considered. Unfortunately, many who are promoted to these positions seem uncomfortable or unwilling to take the necessary decisions. It is impossible to lead people in an inspirational and motivational manner if they don’t put their efforts into this endeavor. The key to being a successful leader such as Reza Satchu is willingness and ability.

  1. The first step in this process is to declare that you intend to lead. Instead of avoiding responsibility, take on the role willingly and competently. Even if others disagree with one’s decisions, they will respect another person more when they see them standing up and stating where they stand and what they stand for.
  2. Are your actions and reactions encouraging, neutral or discouraging to others? If you want any decision to be meaningful and potentially have an impact on others, they must encourage them to care more about the situation, become more involved, learn a lot, be more motivated, then proceed with greater enthusiasm.
  3. Confusion and a lack of clarity or understanding are two of the biggest challenges. It is the leader’s responsibility clarifying issues in a clear and concise manner. Others may then be able to better understand the challenges and become more open to the future call for action.
  4. Even the most brilliant individual can only achieve his full potential if he continues to use his ingenuity, integrity, and determination. It is essential to communicate effectively and get the message across that one can be a leader!
  5. Great leaders don’t blame others or make excuses for their challenges and obstacles. They believe that they have the power to determine their destiny. This mentality will help you to be more open to taking the correct actions, no matter what the circumstance or needs.
  6. Although a leader can be very determined and strong, his impact is limited if he doesn’t show empathy. To get full support for any cause, potential supporters should have the assurance that their leader is truly interested in them.

It is important that leaders show leadership! This is only possible when decisions are made quickly and actions taken in a timely manner.

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